The Aikibojitsu Organization
The Aikibojitsu Organization, consists of a number of advanced Aikibojitsu practitioners who work to
disseminate the art form to the public, provide both public and private instruction in Aikibojitsu,
maintain student records, schedule seminars and retreats, and oversee the Aikibojitsu ranking system,
and certification programs.

Aikibojitsu's ranking system has been implemented to help practitioners progress in an ordered,
systematic way, to higher and higher levels of skill. The ranking system also serves to identify
advanced practitioners and teachers, to the general public, which is important to ensure integrity of the
art form.

In Aikibojitsu's ranking system, three levels of kyu (pre-black belt) rank exist, green belt, 2nd degree
brown belt, and 1st degree brown. There are eight levels of black belt.

Questions regarding Aikibojitsu that are not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ part of
this website should be directed to the
Aikibojitsu Organization.
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