The Daiki Taiyu

The Daiki Taiyu is a foundational series of katas that embody Aikibojitsu's unique philosophy
and technique. The Aikibojitsu Katas are relatively long sequences of Short Forms
performed under the guiding influence of a deeper energy. Correct performance of an
Aikibojitsu kata requires not only motion, but emotion, the expression of the subtle power of
universal spirit.

Aikibojitsu Katas also serve as the primary vehicle for transmission of the technical aspect of
the art form, serving as storehouses of Short Forms. They are intended to be broken down
by practitioners, each Short Form to be studied by itself, in combination with other Short
Forms from the same kata, and with components from other katas.

Practitioners will find that the basic form of an Aikibojitsu kata is relatively easy to learn. As
skill is attained, Aikibojitsu's challenge begins to deepen, as elimination of error begins to
reveal the real difficulty and intrinsic demand for precision within the study. As mastery is
approached, emphasis shifts from technical skill to expression of something deeper; it is this
shift that transforms Aikibojitsu into something extraordinary.
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