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Aikibojitsu is largely practiced on one's own, thus the art form is particularly suited to teaching methods of a
Distance Learning Program.

When a student is accepted into the Aikibojitsu Distance Learning Program, he or she is assigned a supervising
teacher whose job it is to oversee and regularly monitor the student's progress in Aikibojitsu. Such close
attention to the student greatly facilitates the student's progress in learning the art form.

Each month (or more frequently depending upon Options chosen at the time of enrollment) the supervising
teacher provides the student with specific techniques on which to focus training. At the end of the designated
training period, the student submits video of their performance of the assigned material. The teacher then
evaluates the video, and provides a written critique and further instruction based upon student progress.

Students who wish to participate in the Program must first apply for admission. Because the number of students
currently being accepted into the program is very limited, it is likely that the student will be put on a
waiting list initially.

Once accepted into the program, the student's progress will be closely monitored by a certified teacher who will
provide ongoing instruction tailored to the student's needs. The exact nature of the relationship between student
and teacher is specified through student selection of a number of Options at the time of enrollment. Options
include frequency of contact (monthly, weekly, daily), and evaluation type (written evaluation or video evaluation
of student-submitted video.)

The Program's default Option is for one technical assignment and one written review of student-submitted video
per month, with 'unlimited' email access to the supervising teacher. This default set of Options is designed to
allow students to progress steadily toward the rank of first degree black belt. A student may select other
Options, however. Increased frequency of contact with a teacher, and/or video evaluation of student-submitted
video, are Options that may be selected; note that additional Options are generally considerably more expensive
than the default Options.

If you are interested in participating in the Distance Learning Program, notify the Aikibojitsu Organization
by clicking on the following link: and putting "Distance Learning" in the Subject line
of the email. More information will be provided upon request.