Aikibojitsu - Finding a Teacher
Aikibojitsu is a martial art that provides an interesting challenge for everyone, regardless of personal
history, regardless of previous martial art training and skills.

To study Aikibojitsu, you may purchase one of the Instructional Packages available in this website's Store.
These packages include a copy of the book
Aikido, Aikibojitsu and the Structure of Natural Law, by John
Thomas Read Sensei, and Instructional Videos that have been specifically designed to lead practitioners
to qualification for examination for the various Aikibojitsu ranks up to and including first degree black belt.

Many if not most people will find that the relationship with a teacher to be an important part of martial arts
training. The best way to find a teacher is to look at the Licensed Aikibojtisu Instructors section of this
website and see if there is a certified Instructor near you. If so, you can sign up either for public, or private
classes that the Instructor makes available. Practitioners who wish to work through the Aikibojitsu ranking
system, and/or intend at some point to teach Aikibojitsu, should find a teacher, either local, or through the
Aikibojitsu Distance Learning Program.

Obtaining a black belt in Aikibojitsu is a challenge even for advanced martial artists. Aikibojitsu is a
fascinating art form that has some parts that are easily learned, and other parts that very nearly
approach the impossible. The art form's intrinsic depth tends to bring everyone, regardless of previous  
martial skill, to the same level upon facing Aikibojitsu's unique challenges.

Space in the Distance Learning Program is limited. Students are admitted to the program as spaces
open. You may be put on a waiting list for a time. Contact the
Aikibojitsu Organization to inquire as to the
current availability of space in the program.
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