Aikibojitsu black belts, certified Instructors as indicated. Click on the practitioner's name for
Biographical information.

Instructor Name                            Rank                                      License                   Location            

Tom Read                           Aikibojitsu, Founder                        Teacher                 Arcata, CA

Robert Ekholdt                    7th Dan Aikibojitsu                          Teacher                 Eureka, CA                

Dan McAbee                       5th Dan Aikibojitsu                          Teacher                 Seattle, WA

Michael Smith                      5th Dan Aikibojitsu                          Teacher                Monterey, CA

Jeremy Wheeler                  4th Dan Aikibojitsu                          Instructor               Southern Humboldt, CA

Scott Estes                          3rd Dan Aikibojitsu                         Instructor               Dublin, Ireland

Teresa Kung                       3rd Dan Aikibojitsu                         Instructor               Santa Cruz, CA

Richard Self                         2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                       Instructor               Arcata, CA

Wendy Lawless                   2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                        Instructor                Santa Cruz, CA

Beau Saunders                   2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                        Instructor                Santa Cruz, CA

Jonathan Miller-Lane           2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                        Instructor               Vermont

Tom Jacobson                     2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                        Instructor               Arcata, CA

Dainen Sobelman                2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                        Instructor                Monterey, CA

Sara Gerhart Snell              2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                        Instructor               Seattle, WA

Scott Blaufeux                     2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                        Instructor               Seattle, WA

Alex Adams                          2nd Dan Aikibojitsu                        Instructor               Monterey, CA
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